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Instructor Friendly                                                                                    

HealthCare Simulation South Carolina scenarios are designed to be instructor- friendly.  Complex training objectives are programmed into scenarios with simple intuitive menus that make it easier for facilitators to run their own simulators.  Teachers do not have to be simulator experts to teach with simulation; they only need to know how to start and run a scenario.  This works particularly well when a simulation specialist sets up the training equipment in advance, allowing the teacher to come into a center or lab, teach and leave.  Automated multimedia objects, PDFs, sound files, pictures or movies are routinely programmed into HCSSC scenarios to (a) Cue the facilitator or student on a needed action. (b) Display signs or symptoms not otherwise supported by the simulator. (c) Provide case information such as lab values, patient history, etc.

In some cases, where appropriate to the type of exercise, the students can actually run the practice scenarios in small group directed learning activities. This supports large-scale use of multiple simulators with one facilitator.  Extensive documentation, for such things as equipment needed, setup instructions, and checking the functions on the simulator, is included within the scenario sets.

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