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Hybrid Simulation                                                                                     

HealthCare Simulation South Carolina (HCSSC) has developed novel hybrid task training scenario sets.  These scenarios are designed to be run at a hybrid simulation skill station, which includes a student run, deliberate practice-to-mastery model supported and enhanced by simulation technology. Laerdal simulator software, with the computer and monitor only, (ie. no simulator manikin) is combined with an appropriate task trainer, such as an IV arm, NG manikin, or lumbar puncture task trainer.  The key features of the hybrid simulation model include:

1. Simulation scenarios to provide deliberate practice with feedback. For example, videos, sound, documents, pictures, vital signs displayed on the simulated patient monitor to the student learner.

2. Another student, a student operator runs the easy to run menu-based scenarios from a laptop computer.  The scenario software provides feedback to the learner based on training objectives.  (Note: running the scenario and seeing the feedback provides a benefit to student operator as well as the student learner.)

3. The students alternate roles as learner and operator until both master the learning objectives.  This setup may also foster healthy competition and helpful interaction.

4. The students may also use the laptop computer to access web based or other curriculum built around objectives when appropriate.

5. One facilitator, for example, upper level student, teaching assistant, or teacher can supervise multiple stations providing individual help as needed.  

6. If documentation of student mastery is desired, the facilitator can run a summative evaluation using the same or similar station setup

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