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Structured Debriefing                                                                            

HealthCare Simulation South Carolina (HCSSC) scenarios are designed to support structured debriefing.  Training or teaching objectives are incorporated into each scenario, whether it is a full-scale assessment or practice exercise. Through advanced programming,  the learners’ performances of these objectives are automatically tracked during the simulation session and are available for display in the log for use during debriefing.  Using the Laerdal Debriefing filters, the debriefing log only displays the performance results of specific learning objectives. These can be used to focus, standardize and simplify debriefing.  HCSSC uses a process of debriefing termed Diagnostic Educational Objective-based Reflection (DEOR). HCSSC provides an Internet link within the scenario documentation that can be used to rapidly train facilitators in this debriefing method.

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