Training Health Care Workers to Protect Themselves Against Deadly Diseases  

SimTunes develops effective healthcare learning management systems.

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SimTunes is a Limited Liability Corporation that specializes in creating Learning Management Systems (LMS) using medical simulation to train doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers to safely conduct routine and emergency procedures safely. Our Learning Management Systems are unique in five ways: 1) they are available over the internet; 2) they combined online learning uniquely with simulation practice; 3) grading of performance is done electronically; 4) performances can be compared across sites for comparisons and to measure competency; and 5) the LMS has an entire module on training the trainer so that the LMS can be deployed rapidly to teach teams safety anywhere in the world there is access to the internet.  


SimTunes’ Learning Management Systems include curriculum for advanced preparation followed by training in a low or high tech simulated environment. This training is conducted by taking the participants through a step by step process using mastery based and high reliably team function techniques. 

Mastery based training means that participants continue their training until they have mastered the subject thus ensuring that they have become competent in the procedures covered. The courses are gradable and the results are put into data bases to track proficiency and enable organizations to document the level of competency of their workers.


High reliable team function is built into all MLS.  Teams usually consist of 2 healthcare workers who learn to have mutual responsibility for the actions of each and how to optimally communicate.  In so doing individual human error is reduced and trust and confidence are built. 


Unlike other similar products, SimTunes includes a “Train the Trainer” component that can quickly train students to become instructors to conduct the course. This not only greatly speeds up the pace of training but also eliminates the need for using specialized and costly simulation specialists at a simulation center.


To provide learning management systems designed to  ensure competency with the goal of optimizing efficiency, safety and improving medical outcomes.


Complicated Obstetrical Emergencies Simulation (COES) Project With DOD

Under contract with the Department of Defense, SimTunes created novel in-situ obstetrical emergencies simulation team drills and Internet-based reporting system within the Military Health System for forty-five hospitals worldwide with labor and delivery services. This COES program is a high fidelity training system (equipment, simulation scenarios, Internet curricula, Internet database and reporting system) focused on high acuity, low frequency events in obstetrical care.


Under two Small Business Innovative Research Grants (SBIRs) , from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) SimTunes has developed a digital course entitled Medical Unit Specialized Simulation Training (MUSST) that can be licensed and used at virtually any hospital to train health care workers to perform work safely and expertly in the simulated high risk infectious disease environment. MUUST provides “off the shelf “ software for hospitals to license and use in the standardized training of their workers to: 1) keep them protected in times of need and 2) insure their performance standards and 3) retrain as needed over time.  Keeping a secure, safe workforce makes our entire country more safe from the spread of deadly infectious diseases, thus preventing hundreds of millions of dollars in healthcare expenses


In 2007 SimTunes developed the first on line store for selling medical scenarios and sold it to Laerdal Medical and HealthStream who launched SimStore in 2011 with  SimTunes as the largest provider of scenarios to the store. Since that time SimTunes has published and placed into SimStore over two thousand Scenarios. These scenarios have been sold to over 150 hospitals and 130 Medical Institutions spanning 48 states in the US and in other countries including the Czech Republic, China, the Netherlands, South Korea, Belgium, Norway, Canada, Russia, Australia, Ireland, England, South Africa, Romania, Turkey, Spain, and Puerto Rico.


Heyward H. Coleman

Mr. Coleman, SimTunes' CEO, is a seasoned businessman with experience in founding and developing successful businesses. His role in SimTunes is to commercialize products

Dr. Jerry Reves

Dr. Reves, SimTunes' Chief Medical Officer, is an MD, Dean Emeritus of MUSC College of Medicine, and has extensive medical education and scientific experience. He is responsible for writing grants and conducting research to prove the effectiveness of SimTunes' products in improving medical outcomes.

Sylvia R. Hanckel

Mrs. Hanckel, SimTunes’ Manager Training Development, is responsible for building, programming, and testing medical educational training material. She possesses a combination of  discipline-specific medical knowledge with highly developed technical skills.



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